Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Inspiration post : Draw and cut with a circular cutter

Hi everyone !

Valerie here today to show you something you can do with a circular cutter. I use the Martha Stewart cutter often, and I got the idea to draw circle with it using gel pen. Here is how in this short video :

Instead of cutting the drawed circle, you can just leave it on your page and add several others for exemple.
I did use a gel pen to let the circular cutter clean. If you use a marker, it will stain it, and that will not be easy to clean...

Have fun with this trick, and see you soon !


  1. Awesome tutorial Valerie!! Have to definitely look into purchasing one!! :)

  2. Great video tutorial Valerie! I didn't know how those worked before. Might have to invest in one now.

  3. Thank you very much for this. I have one of these somewhere but the cutter is not as good as one you have,. It is thinner and harder to hold. I will have to find it and start drawing some circles.

  4. Fabulous tute Valerie!! I have a different one, but will look for this as I often use circles!

  5. Oh, this is brilliant, thanks for inspiration !


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