Saturday, August 30, 2014

Inspiration - Quick & easy backgrounds by Debi

Hi to you all - Feeling Sketchy followers.

Here I have an easy way for adding texture & colour to your background card stock or paper..without really trying...and you can have a stash of backgrounds ready for use at a later date! 

BUT this is for messy backgrounds which I just love!!

I have made myself a 'Spray Booth' from 2 pizza boxes joined together..hey, I love it....keeps the white ties of my laundry clean...I do all my 'wet' work there cos the sink is so handy to wash up the stencils & brushes & hands..

I even store some of my fave stencils/templates in the sides.

When I spray card or paper, I put another 12 x 12 piece catch the colour, or excess texture paste/gesso. This is what I call my paper scoop.

Even if I am using a small template the paper scoop under gets a lovely spray too. 

But I also get the template that I have sprayed, quickly turn it over & press it down onto my paper scoop....and leave to dry..or you can just get your CS or paper & press over the top.

 Here is a LO I completed yesterday that used the same idea...the paper scoop in my spray booth...

Now in the following photo, I have used this purple paper as my paper scoop over a number of days, then added texture paste with 2 stencils...did I say I love texture paste...well I do - big time!

 And after working on my LO today...this is how it turned out...

Rather than just washing away your paint or mist or paste...just add it to another page, or your art journal for later use.

Cheers, Debi


  1. Great tutorial Deb. I'm so inspired I'm going to give it a try.
    Kiama aka Helen

  2. FABULOUS ideas.....esp the 'paper scoop'!! Works a treat, Mum will love your 'spray corner' . Her laundry configuration is the same:):)

  3. Love, love, love these backgrounds Deb! :)

  4. Oh Deb love that paper scoop idea, love those LO's will have to try this out very soon :)

  5. I've always used a pizza box. Got it from Wendy Smith and it was her misting box orginally. I like the idea of adding another side to it though, pegs and all. Will definitely do this.

  6. Fantastic tutorial:) Love those backgrounds. I do like to get messy. What I use is a large fruit box, I stand it up, and the cover is on the bottom just lie your pizza boxes.

  7. Great post Debi ! I love messy backgrounds !

  8. Awesome post Debi! Really like the pizza boxes - going to have to do that. Love the "new" look to the blog!

  9. That's a good idea with your spray booth, and wonderful layouts too!


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