Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inspiration post : masking technique with stamp

Hello everyone !

Valerie here today for my inspiration post : I will show you how I reduced the size of the stamp on of my card from last month challenge :

I did reduce the size because this stamp (MME, Miss Caroline collection) did not fit the tag, so I used the masking technique to do so. See the difference :

First, ink the center of the stamp :

Use two pieces of paper for the masking :

Stamp your image with the papers masking the side :

Now you have your image without side...

Ink the left side of the stamp :

Use a piece a paper to mask the stamped image and stamp the left side, with the already stamped image as point of reference :

Tada ! You have an image with a left side !

Ink the right side :

And stamp as the other side but on the right side this time :

Tada again ! You have your stamp at a smaller size !

I hope this post gave you a lot of idea to resize your stamps !

See you soon...


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