Thursday, March 12, 2015

Inspirational post : stamp on acrylic without fear

Hello everyone !

It's Valerie here ! Today is the day I'm supposed to show you an inspirational post for the Feeling Sketchy blog, so I decided to show you some trick I use when I work with acrylic sheet or album.

Have you ever been afraid of using ink on it ? What if the stamped image is not crisp enough ? Be afraid no more ! Ink will simply go off with a baby wipe.
However, I recommend to use Stazon opaque ink to stamp a prefect image on acrylic, and this ink will need a little bit more to be wiped away.

So stamp your image on the acrylic material,

Apply the all-purpose stamp cleaner (the one you use to clean your rubber or acrylic stamps) on the stamped image.

Wiped it !
And stamp again ! Easy peasy ! Or you could just wipe away a portion of the stamp for a different effect.
Just don't be afraid to use ink on acrylic, it's so much fun ! Why not trying it for our current challenge ?

Have fun and see you soon...

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