Tuesday, October 28, 2014

 Hey Everyone!! It's Mary with an Inspiration Post for you all!!

This is my first post ,so I hope I explain it clearly, anyways.
I found this new technique over at DeLish Scraps

Here I will walk you thou step by step.

 You will need a few supplies, paints, ink sprays or watercolor pan. Some old plastic package  in variety sizes and  spray bottle with water. you will also need gesso and watercolor
paints, just the cheap kind that small kids would play with. 

Step 1.) you will need to apply gesso to your white cardstock.

Step 2.) Apply some paint on the plastic wrapper- use plenty of water on the plastic.

 Step3.)Spray water on your gesso paper where you want to paint.

 Step 4.) Stamp the plastic down on the page and squish the paint around a bit.
Step 5.) Lift the plastic off
      Step 6.) Repeat 1-4 steps as necessary
Step 7.) don't be afraid to add different colors, let colors dry before adding new.

 Here is my finished product.
It's really a fun and messy technique. I hope you
give this a try. Thanks for taking a look.


  1. This is a great technique and funny enough I went to a class a couple of weekends ago where she did a similar thing using a clear stamping block. I love the pattern you get with the plastic. You did great for a first timer Mary... Thanks for sharing. <3

  2. A fabulous technique Mary...& one I haven't tried at all, I cant wait to have a go.
    Great work!

  3. Thanks for sharing Mary - this is a technique I will look forward to trying!

  4. Great post Mary ! Love these kind of techniques !


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