Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mixed Media File Folder!!

Hey Everyone!! It's Elina with an Inspiration Post for you all!! As of late, I have been watching a lot of "Live With Prima" tutorials on You Tube and I love the different projects they create.
It was while watching a tutorial by the talented Limor Webber that inspired me to recreate this Mixed Media File Folder she was featuring.
You only need a few supplies and it's a quick and easy project to make.
Here is a list of the supplies I used and a step by step pictorial:

                                                      -Manila File Folder
                                                      -Acrylic Paints

Step 1:
Using a clean, dry brush paint the gesso onto the folder and heat set it with a heat tool.

Step 2:
Once dry, add color to the folder in sections using the acrylic paints, of your choosing.
For my folder, I used two brands of paint from Folk Art and Apple Barrel in the colors: "Patina, Calypso Sky", and "Fuchsia".

Step 3:
I heat set the folder using my heat gun and after it was dry, I used some stencils to add texture to the background.
I used a dot stencil, heart doily and an open circle stamp.

Step 4:
For the last and final step, I made a flower stencil out of a piece of acetate.
Using a sponge and black acrylic paint, I sponged the flower in a few places on the folder.

And voila!! folder complete!!

I hope you enjoyed this project for today!
The possibilities are endless!
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your day and Peace!! :)


  1. Oh I could do this for all my files at work! Hehehe
    What a fabulous idea Elina, & I love Limor's work too - she is very arty!

  2. What a great idea, so simple and yet so effective for those boring old files.

  3. I agree with you I love Limors work and I love the videos. How clever to have created your own stencil. I have been trying with my silhouette machine but its just now working for me...


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