Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inspiration Post for March 26th

Hi, Debbie here - and it's my turn to do the Inspiration Post.
I have used this months Scrapbook Layout for my project.

Here is the layout:
Here is my mine:

I have used an old photo of our daughter Feather.  In this picture she is 3 years old (she is now 21 years old.)    I have always loved this picture of her.  She looks so serene in this picture and has her hands folder together like she is praying.   I have placed different sized clear flourishes around it...and added two paper flowers that I made using Astrid's February 5th Inspiration Post.
I used three different papers for the squares on the top and bottom - and then added her name in the middle of them with stick on letters.   The background of my layout is a pinkish shaded shiny patterned cardstock.    My project doesn't look exactly like the layout sketch, but that's the fun thing about being creative, and making your project "your's".

I would also like to share a technique that I like to do.
It's called "Shaving Cream Technique".
It's kind of messy to do - but it's fun :-)
And the patterns you create are unique and different each time.
  Here are pictures that shows the products and steps to it:
(I just used the colors Crimson and Green)
Next - put the shaving cream into the plate:
Note: I did not have much shaving cream left in the can, so it came out a little more runny and had bubbles...but it still worked good.
Swirl it around:
Lay your cardstock on it and press it down good:
Then take it off and wipe it off good with a paper towel - allow to dry:
This is what I ended up with:

Here is a card that I made with this.  I cut out one large heart and 5 small hearts.

I hope this has inspired you to be creative and try doing different techniques.


  1. This is another great technique Debbie...I will try this one now!

  2. I've dome this before but thanks for the reminder.Will try it again.

  3. (Got here via Julene!) Is this done with paints?

    1. This was done using the liquid ink refillers.

  4. Lovely work Debbie, I surely must try it after all my husband does not use the shaving cream on his face!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Lovely, thank you for sharing


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