Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inspiration post by Valerie Andrieux : Two ways of using masks

Some of you have maybe already seen this layout before :

I made it as an example to use masks in an layout for one of my previous workshop. I added dimensions to one unique sheet of paper by simply using a white gel pen and white chalk.

I started by tracing a square in the center of the layout with the gel pen. Then, I use the Tim holtz compass mask with chalk outside the square (I did place a piece of paper to avoid chalk overlapping the inside).
Once all the compass done, I cleaned the mask and replace it at the exact same places to complete the pattern inside the square with the gel pen. Take a closer look :

It makes the inside square pops and looks like a different paper !

For the record, the pictures were taken in an ice rink inside a cruise boat sailing in the Carribean sea.

Have fun with this fun technique !


  1. What a clever idea Valerie! I had not ever thought of using them like this...I will try one on my next LO. Great technique, thank you.

  2. Terrific technique and one I haven't tried. Excellent to learn something new. Thanks.

  3. Gorgeous LO and a wonderful technique Valerie!! Awesome job!! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful technique :)


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