Sunday, May 11, 2014

Inspiration post - DIY Enamel dots

Hi everyone, it's Valerie !

I've seen few times this trick on the web, and I did try it for you : DIY enamel dots.
You will need fusible beads, an oven and a cookie sheet with parchemin paper.

Place the fusible beads on the parchemin paper, and put it in the oven at maximum heat for few minutes.

Watch closely the beads, when they look like half pearls, they're ready :

Let them cool completely and you will have new enamel dots !

You can make bigger dots by melting several beads together.

Have fun !


  1. Hi Valerie who sells the beads if I can get some I will make some they look great thanks for sharing

    1. If you are in the US, I will say any craft store at kid's aisle. Even store like Target or Walmart, Toy's R us, you could find them at the aisle "kid's craft"

  2. I like Suzanne want some of those beads..I will check them out! Fabulous tute!

  3. I've always been meaning to try this out. Will get around to it soon!

  4. Oh how cool...definately will be doing this!

  5. very very interesting, will have to try this one :)

  6. Try Spotlight or if you don't have one locally:

  7. Bought some beads today. Will try it later.

  8. I have never seen this. We had some of those beads around the house. They come it these little kits, I think I can get one at the Dollar store. Might try this. Thanks!


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