Monday, May 26, 2014

Inspiration! Using Dryer Sheets to make a Flower

Hi...Debbie here to share an inspirational post.
(I saw this on Splitcoast Stampers and really liked it.)
I am going to show how I make a flower using used dryer sheets, circle punches, spray paint, glitter glue & a brad to hold it all together.

To start, use your circle punch (it's best to try to use three different size punches if you have them...I only have two circle punches so I had to cut 4 of the bigger one and trim them down to make them smaller.)   
Punch out 6 circles on cardstock to use as your template to cut them out on the dryer sheet.
Note: Don't try punching just the dryer sheet, it does not work.  It will jam up your punch.
Use a scissors to cut around your template on the dryer sheet.
Next lay your cut out dryer sheet circles on paper towels to spray them with the paint.
Let them dry...the dryer sheets will dry a little lighter than it looks when wet.
After they are dry...lay them out on a sheet of wax paper and use your glitter glue to go around the edges of  3 of your circles.
Allow the glitter glue to dry completely.
Then stack your circles - using the biggest circle with the glitter glue on it as your bottom piece.
One glitter glue circle, on plain circle, one glitter circle, etc.
Then add a brad to the center to hold them all together, finishing your flower.
Now you have a flower to add to a card, scrapbook page, or any other project you want to.

I hope I have inspired you to try different things in your creativity!
Have fun!


  1. I am off to the shops to buy some dryer sheets Debbie & cant wait to try this fab idea...and thanks for the tip about using punches too...isn't that a pest when they get jammed! Terrific!

  2. Very nice technique Debbie!! I have some dryer sheets lying around somewhere. I will definitely give this a try!! :)


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