Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas card Inspiration

Good morning, today I will share with you an Origami folded Christmas tree.  

I really loved how this turned out and have been making a few over the last few days.  This tree would also be super cute on a Christmas page layout.  Hope you have fun making these little trees.

Photo instructions
Fold each square as follows

Fold your square across fold line E (you have a rectangle)
From E fold in towards F
point A C will meet

Now do the same on the other side

From E fold towards F 
point BD will meet and fold onto point D

 The square now forms a double layer triangle that looks like this.

 Fold one point of the triangle to the centre line 

 Take the next point and also fold it towards the centre.

 Turn your pieces over and apply glue liberally on the back of each tree segment.

Now start with the largest segment and glue down onto your card working from the bottom to the top of the tree.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by


  1. That's so clever and looks wonderful!

  2. Awesome tutorial the trees look wonderful thank you for sharing.
    lorraine x

  3. How fabulous Michelle!! Oh I am going to try this one!!

  4. This is a fabulous post Michelle!! Have to try this one out for myself!! :)


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